Libarty Share Token

Libarty stands for freedom, and we are construing it the best. With the unequal division of money, the gap between rich and poor is increasing every day. Unfortunately, the government could not make things right; thus, social injustice is intensified. People have become irresponsible about the resources of the mother earth and using it carelessly. The amount of these resources is decreasing, and the struggle for the resources is increasing.  

Started from July 29th, 2019, Libarty is an ever-growing community of companies, individuals, investors, and thinkers who believe in innovation and care about today’s problems.

You often heard that helping other people can be a cure not only for those in need but for your soul as well, and there is nothing more beautiful than helping someone to make their lives beautiful.

We, through the LibartyShareToken platform, have set a fundamental goal to help because 10% of our profit generated from this ecosystem is invested in environmental and social projects to make this world a beautiful place where equality and justice can bloom fully.

Before heading toward LibartyShareToken, let’s understand what does tokenization of assets means.

The tokenization of assets refers to a digital representation of real tradable assets before digitalization; shareholders were dependent on paperwork to receive their right and then exercise them.  

The tokenization of assets provides several advantages. It offers more efficiency for the financial world by reducing the friction involved in the creation, buying, and selling of assets. The greater degree of liquidity captures greater value from the underlying assets.  The transactions are super-fast and economical at the same time. Most of the processes are automated, therefore saving your time. The dealing between parties, recording the related information such as rights, and who previously owned the token ensures the trust in it.  The dependency on the intermediaries is removed, saving money. Assets can be traded all across the world when digitally represented.

LibartyShareToken is a digital form of an asset, more like share having rights similar to projects such as profit sharing. It is based on the open-source principle developed by the entire community, advertised, managed, and controlled, and developed technically.

The investments made across borders are regulated by the law and for security reasons, subject to the Securities Prospectus Act and the Securities Trading Act. Then the standardization, capital marketability, and transferability decide the allocation of investments.

Tokenization converts traditional fiat investments into tradable securities. Tokens are considered property that is legal, secured, subject to tax liability, and inheritable.

LibartyShareToken is an internal accounting unit for transactions involving companies, planning to extend the LST as the mean of payments for purchases and services.  Value creation is driven by innovative investment strategies of Libarty invest and free trading on several stock exchanges.

Our Charity projects come exclusively from the community. Human Integrity, e.V., is established. We are already working on some innovative projects that are inspired by our Libarty idea. Many other projects, such as environmental protection, recycling, and material exchange, etc. are in the integration phase. Other charity projects are in discussion with various animal welfare organizations and a children’s aid organization.

If you want to know how our system works, what is in for business owners and customers and get a better understanding of our unique WIN-WIN-Situation we created: please have a closer look at our website or join us on Facebook, Instagram or Telegram.

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