Last Time Ethereum Did This, It Rallied Over 1,000% Percent. It’s About to Happen Again

Despite Bitcoin closing 2019 up 90%, Ethereum didn’t fare all too well. The second-largest cryptocurrency actually registered a negative performance last year, crushed under the pressure of continued ICO selling and at-times questionable fundamentals.

Analysts, however, have rapidly changed their outlook on ETH in the early stages of 2020, citing a confluence of positive technical factors that suggest extreme upside is imminent.

Could Ethereum Hit $777.77 By The End of 2020?

Cryptocurrency trader Smack recently remarked that Ethereum’s chart for all of 2020 is starting to shape up extremely bullish, proposing a $777.77 price target by the end of 2020 target for the leading altcoin — meaning it will need to rally 222%. Read More...

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