KeepKey Wallet Review: Cheap and Cheerful

In the more than a decade since Bitcoin was released, the number and variety of cryptocurrencies available has increased dramatically, as has their value—leading to the emergence of cryptocurrency hardware wallets, secure devices that store many different types of crypto.

ShapeShift's KeepKey was one of the first hardware wallets to market, and remains a popular choice to this day. The KeepKey wallet was considered a premium option at launch, but now retails for $49 (or even less, if you go hunting for a discount code).

Can the KeepKey still keep up with today's competition? Let's find out.

KeepKey review: Build quality and design

The KeepKey features a robust design aesthetic that will appeal to those who prioritize form over function. The case exterior is composed of anodized aluminum, while the screen is surrounded by a polycarbonate casing. It's well-built, with a reassuring heft that you would expect from a device constructed with premium materials.

Around the back, the KeepKey sports a matte finish and a prominent KeepKey logo.

Compared to other hardware wallets, the KeepKey is certainly on the large side, measuring 38 mm x 93.5 mm x 12.2 mm, and weighing in at 54g. It's over twice the size of its major competitors, the Ledger Nano S and Trezor One, making it rather less portable. However, the KeepKey's bulk does mean it can accommodate a relatively large 3.12 inch OLED display.

Despite its size, the KeepKey is clearly designed with minimalism in mind, since the only other notable features besides its large screen are a single button and microUSB port. Like the majority of hardware wallets, the KeepKey lacks an IP rating, which means you'd be wise to keep it well away from water or excess moisture.

KeepKey review: What's in the box?

The KeepKey wallet comes in a cellophane-wrapped box, sealed with a holographic security sticker that proves the contents haven't been tampered with. Inside the box, you'll find the KeepKey device, in addition to a 3 foot (1 meter) braided USB cable and a warranty booklet.

The KeepKey also comes with a single recovery card, used for recording the 12-word recovery phrase provided when initializing the device. Read More...

KeepKey Wallet Review


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