Kangaroo, Tokenization and Securities: How Does the Blockchain Unite Them?

Have you ever wondered how much money is concentrated in the global economy? No one can give a definite answer, but millions of financial transactions are made every day across the globe. People spend trillions of dollars. For example, someone bought a house on the other side of the planet, and someone paid for coffee in your country.

Of course, money stimulates our world to rotate faster, but the digitalization of the global economy is necessary. That is why we propose to consider tokens as a key element of the digital economy.

Token as an element of the digital economy

The use of cryptocurrencies has already clearly demonstrated unique advantages compared to traditional assets as blockchain technologies create a safe environment for financial transactions without restrictions.

Decentralization, which is the basis of blockchain technology, provides an opportunity to minimize the risks of hacking and data leaks. Moreover, if we are talking about the financial side of blockchain, transactions within the blockchain system are many times faster than through banking services. Source...


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