Justin Sun Launches 50,000-TRX Giveaway Campaign in Tron Telegram Group

Tron expands its Telegram community group and is conducting a TRX giveaway totaling 50,000 TRX, following Justin Sun’s promise to give away $1,200,000 as UBI in 2020

Giveaways in the crypto industry are a popular method of attracting new users and investors. Tron has been using it quite frequently as of late.

Now, they are talking about prizes totaling 50,000 TRX for the company’s Telegram group.

Justin Sun spreads the word that Tron plans to part with 50,000 Tronix (TRX) and give those away as prizes to new members of the Tron group in Telegram.

There will be three winning places for participants – 5,000 TRX, 2,500 TRX and 1,250 TRX. Tron fans who do not make it into these will share the remaining 32,500 TRX.

The giveaway initiative will last until 20 September with just four days remaining until the end of it and the ‘riches’ getting spread around.


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