June’s Biggest Shakeups in the Crypto Game by the Numbers

As expected, Bitcoin is still on top with Bitcoin Cash trailing behind it. Litecoin, Ethereum and Binancee Coin are the top growers.

The USD value has been a long-standing favorite metric to track the health of any given cryptocurrency. It’s number one on the list for a reason: investors want to know the monetary value of their holdings in fiat. So, how did those holdings perform this month?

Bitcoin shows sustained growth with an added 35.64% in value, Bitcoin Cash, its sibling, has grown at a comparable rate of 35.89%. Bitcoin itself is, at this point in time, trading for $7,738, an impressive bounce-back after months of stagnated valuations from the market. Bitcoin Cash is currently showing a price of $388, completing its fifth month of steady growth after a nearly $100 valuation at the start of 2019.

The top grower this month is Litecoin, with a 40.96% positive dynamic in valuation and a $104,72 valuation. Trailing behind it are Binance Coin, the exchange platform’s crypto coin, with 40.18% growth, and Ethereum, one of the most hyped coins since BTC, has gained 39.72% in value.

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