Josh Rager Expects Current Bitcoin Trajectory to End at $20,000 by 2020

The crypto sector is awash with many Bitcoin bulls who regularly have very optimistic predictions for the king coin. One of the most popular and most bullish, Josh Rager, previously predicted that if Bitcoin could surpass $11,700, it would be well on its way to more than triple its current all-time high, hitting $60,000.

Now, Rager has noted a previous pattern Bitcoin followed a few years ago, claiming that Bitcoin could revisit $20,000 if the pattern repeats itself.

Back in 2015/2016, Bitcoin shot up surprisingly, more than doubling its price. Shortly after this, Bitcoin then consolidated and began to trade in a sideways swing and maintained its trajectory.

After about six months of this movement, it then quickly surged by more than 100%, shooting over $900 from the $450 it was shortly before. Rager now believes that this pattern is happening again and if he’s right, Bitcoin could easily hit $20,000 at the end of its current swing. Read More at ZYCrypto...


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