John McAfee Announces Coin for “Economic Freedom”

John McAfee, the controversial tech and crypto spokesman, says he’s creating a new cryptocurrency he’s dubbed the “Freedom” coin.

The All-New “McAfee Coin?”

Its full name is the “McAfee Freedom Coin.” It’s slated to be introduced in the fall of 2019, according to the digital security creator’s latest Twitter thread. In a recent message, McAfee issued a statement regarding some of the details and properties of the coin:

No, it is not mined. No, we are not doing an [initial coin offering] ICO. No, we are not looking for investors. No, we will not be listed on an exchange. No, we will give no more information before release of whitepaper. Yes, this is real… Also, there will be no airdrops.

Hm, let’s see. No ICO, no mining, no airdrops… This doesn’t sound much like a cryptocurrency at all. In fact, judging from first glance, McAfee may as well be describing a new form of fiat that has never been utilized.

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