Is It Safe To Buy Used GPU Cards From Cryptocurrency Miners?

With the cryptocurrency market crashing, many miners are running for the hills selling their used GPUs and other mining equipment. But is it safe buying a GPU card that has hashed away twenty-four-seven mining cryptocurrencies?

Although crypto miners’ GPUs have been used more than a typical gamers card (in most cases), it doesn’t mean the hardware is any riskier than any other used GPU. Of course miners are using their cards equipment more than the average gamer, but “overuse” doesn’t necessarily have a negative effect on a GPU card.

What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

Cryptocurrency mining uses GPU to help solve the cryptographic puzzle that allows the winning miner (computer) to earn the block reward for Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency they might be mining. The block reward is the newly minted cryptocurrency paid out every time a new block is added to the blockchain.

In the early days of Bitcoin and other cryptos, CPU was sufficient, but as the cryptocurrency space grew, miners started looking for more efficient ways to mine, and of course GPUs enhanced their processing power. Read More...

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