Is It Safe To Buy Used GPU Cards From Bitcoin Miners?

With Bitcoin mining hashrate getting ever higher, the hashpower needed to compete for the Bitcoin Block Reward gets more specialised.

Back in the day, Satoshi mned Bitcoin on his laptop, and for the first few years it was fine to do so, but as Bitcoin started to become more popular, miners started powering up by using more powerful GPUs.

Building a GPU mining rig was the best way to mine Bitcoin for a shortwhile until ASICs mining rigs were launched, and as the ASICs rigs have become more powerful GPUs have been slowly phased out of mining Bitcoin.

Now the best and most powerful ASICs mining rigs can hash at up to 112 TH/s, which is way higher than the most powerful GPUs.

So, anyone getting into mining Bitcoin really ought to invest in the best ASICs mining rigs.

And many miners are, and many are selling their used GPUs. But is it safe buying GPUs that have hashed away twenty-four-seven mining Bitcoin?

Although Bitcoin miners’ GPUs have been used more than a typical gamer’s graphics card (in most cases), it doesn’t mean the hardware is any riskier than any other used GPU.

Of course Bitcoin miners are using their equipment more than the average gamer, but “overuse” doesn’t necessarily have a negative effect on a GPU card. Read More

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