Is Bitcoin the Answer to the Bond Bubble?

Bitcoin is often argued as the “next step” to fiat. This, of course, is due to its decentralization, lack of interest rates, and more. In fact, the host of a popular Bitcoin and economics podcast, Stephan Livera, recently went on the Kieser report to defend the digital asset.

Hailing from Australia, Livera and Kieser conversed at the Honeybadger conference – a popular Bitcoin event held in Latvia that houses speakers from across the globe.

Bitcoin and the Bond Bubble

Livera, who hosts a “must-watch” podcast, has been doing so for just over a year now. He’s a self-taught economist who believes that most fiat financial methods, like bonds, are sitting in a bubble. The podcaster believes Bitcoin is the answer to that bubble.

He claims this answer comes from his Austrian economic education. That based on the Austrian framework, one can understand why Bitcoin’s “fixed-money” isn’t as much of a problem as many in economics think it is. Read More

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