Is Binance.US fuelling altcoin revival?

Binance has cleared all the hurdles and opened up its portal to United States (US) citizens signaling altcoin revival. While U.S. ties with Binance are showing signs of improvement, and it could mean big developments for the altcoins.

With the U.S. market opening up to Binance, most of the cryptocurrency is in green showing substantial increase against BTC and USD. This is great news for Binance customers ever since trading was halted a few months ago after regulations issues with authorities surfaced. So, does this mean that the long wait is over and altcoins are ready to shine again?

Price increase across the range suggests altcoin revival

With U.S. operations of Binance starting, things are looking great for the altcoins. A few months ago, when the platform ran into trouble with the U.S. authorities over regulation and compliance issues, the crypto community faced serious trouble.

Binance’s response has been pretty muted until they announced a specialized trading platform for its U.S. customers. The move was seen as highly positive since it reiterated the brand’s commitment to its local clients and mitigated the bad press. Source...

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