IOTA and Hyperledger Bind Together With New Bridge System

IOTA has announced IOTA Connector, a bridge system that can be used to mirror data and trigger actions between IOTA and Hyperledger Fabric. The new system will allow businesses that rely on Hyperledger to make use of IOTA’s various features, including feeless payments, encrypted transaction payloads, and Masked Authenticated Messaging.

According to IOTA’s official announcement, the IOTA Connector is especially useful for companies that are involved with supply chain tracking. IOTA adds that these projects will benefit by using IOTA as a cryptocurrency, given that most Hyperledger variants have no native payment capabilities – crypto-based or otherwise.

IOTA has also implied that the IOTA Connector will eventually work with other blockchains and platforms, but for now, the system is primarily aimed at Hyperledger. “At this point we are considering the Hyperledger Fabric DLT – in which all data are initially stored and managed – as the primary source of truth,” IOTA’s announcement states.

Permissioned Meets Permissionless

IOTA Connector unites two very different systems. Hyperledger Fabric is a permissioned blockchain that is typically used by enterprises in a restricted or private environment. IOTA, by contrast, is a permissionless or public ledger – it offers a cryptocurrency, and its transactions are validated by a public network. Read More...


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