Interest in Libra Is Unexpectedly Soaring in China

Interest in Facebook’s cryptocurrency is soaring in China even a month after the social media giant announced it. The country currently ranks first for “Facebook Libra” on Google Trends.

That’s right, Chinese citizens Are taking a deep interest in Libra and have been searching for it online more than any other nation. The nation’s search engine Weibo currently lists “Libra” as number three on its all-time searches, just behind a Chinese film celebrity and the Mona Lisa.

A Surprising Presence

The fascination is unexpected, given how the Libra will not be making a presence in China at all. Regardless, it seems that the Chinese are taking notice. Even on Google, which is not commonly used in China, the country ranks first for Libra-related searches. Surprisingly, the United States is way lower at 14th.

Despite Facebook revealing the news in June, it seems that interest in Libra is still growing. This week, the U.S. Congress held committee hearings with the Head of Calibra, David Marcus where he was met with harsh questioning. Still, it seems that even this has not caused U.S. search interest in the Libra to spike, with most of the traffic coming from China.

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