Institutional Investor Data Challenges The Gloomy Narrative Surrounding Ethereum

With all the negativity about Ethereum’s future and whether it will launch ETH 2.0 or not, you would think it would be putting investors off.

The Ethereum price has been pretty woeful if you compare it to Bitcoin’s, but with the immature speculators jumping back and forth, the more savvy investors appear to be doing quite the opposite.

Ethereum Narrative is Set for Doom and Gloom

Ethereum’s continued weakness has certainly been the catalyst for some investors to long it, which hints at a more rosey future for the second biggest cryptocurrency.

At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading at $203.65, down about 3% in the 24hr and 1 week chart, and has still only recouped about half its losses since the crash caused by the coronavirus scare.

And with Bitcoin struggling to reach $10,000 it seems like the bulls have given up for a bit, which could lead to a bigger correction for Ethereum and the altcoins. Read More

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