Indian Supreme Court Heard Crypto Case in Depth Today

The Indian supreme court finally heard the crypto case today after postponing it several times. The court addressed the government’s crypto policy as well as the writ petitions challenging the banking restriction by the central bank. The latter was heard in some detail while the former was further delayed at the request of the government.

Supreme Court Heard RBI Ban Case Today

The Supreme Court of India addressed two crypto-related issues Thursday after repeatedly postponing hearing them. The first issue concerns the banking restriction by the central bank. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued a circular in April last year banning regulated financial institutions from providing services to crypto businesses.

According to Crypto Kanoon, an Indian platform for crypto regulatory news and analysis, the provisions of the RBI Act and the Banking Regulation Act, along with the circular in question, were all analyzed in court to ascertain whether the central bank has the power to impose such a ban. The “RBI is only a delegatee of power which cannot exercise [the] same powers as Parliament which has a direct impact on legitimate businesses,” the platform conveyed.

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