India’s Airpay partners with InstaReM to develop international payments solutions

While India’s entry into the crypto-landscape seems sluggish at best, Mumbai-based Airpay Payment Services has set out to create a merchant-centered international payments solution in collaboration with InstaReM. As per the official announcement,

“Mumbai-based Airpay Payment Services, India’s only omni-channel payments platform, has announced a partnership with InstaReM, one of the world’s fastest-growing digital cross-border payments companies, to launch “FX Payment”, an international payments solution for its merchants.”

As the report suggests, Airpay’s FX Payment platform is specifically aimed at serving as an alternative to credit card-based payments for international payments, which is currently available to customers in 27 countries across the globe. Moreover, “this highly efficient and cost-effective payment solution benefits Airpays’ marquee Indian merchants in the hospitality, retail, and education sectors, and their overseas customers.” Read More...


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