Illinois Legalizes Blockchain-Based Smart Contracts

The US State of Illinois made a massive step towards further blockchain adoption. According to the Blockchain Technology Act, which took effect on January 1st, blockchain-based smart contracts satisfy the law under certain circumstances.

Smart Contracts Admissible In Court

One of the biggest challenges in front of regulators when it comes to crafting legislation for the cryptocurrency field is definitions. The SEC, for instance, has been struggling for quite some time before stating that Bitcoin and Ether (ETH) are not considered securities, while other digital assets launched in Initial Coin Offerings, for instance, pertain to that definition.

The State of Illinois, however, has made a serious step towards regulating blockchain-based technologies with the Blockchain Technology Act.

The bill, which is sponsored by Rep. Keith Wheeler, took effect on January 1st, 2020, and one of the first things that it addresses is the very definition for blockchain itself.

“Blockchain means an electronic record created by the use of a decentralized method by multiple parties to verify and store a digital record of transactions which is secured by the use of a cryptographic hash of previous transaction information.” – Reads the document.


Illinois Legalizes Blockchain-Based Smart Contracts
Smart Contracts are one of the main drivers for blockchain adoption

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