iGaming - What's That?

iGaming is becoming ever more popular as people look to expand their ways of having a flutter, but what exactly is it?

Basically, iGaming is online betting, on things such as sports betting, casinos, poker, taking the lion’s share of the iGaming world. But the problem with platforms today is the lack of trust.

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Even with this distrust, however, iGaming is one of the biggest online industries, and market research firm Modor Intelligence forecasts a growth of 8.77% CAGR in the next 5 years.

Popular iGaming platforms like are leading the way in virtual gaming with an offer of thousands of different things to bet on.

IGaming is popular worldwide, but with favourable regulations Gibraltar, the UK, and Malta are the hubs of the iGaming world, and with America opening up to online gambling the iGaming sector is set for a big future.

But despite this, iGaming platforms are still faced with problems such as a lack of transparency. Read More...

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