ICO, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: Impact on Different Spheres

Do you think blockchain, crypto, and ICO can reshape the world as we know it today? But how exactly this is going to happen? In this article, you’ll find the answer exploring the leading industries affected by blockchain.

In 2019, it’s difficult to find a person that hasn’t heard about blockchain or, at least, about Bitcoin. Decentralized systems are slowly reshaping our daily life. Even such financial institutions as pension funds start investing in cryptocurrency, while more and more businesses implement blockchain technology to streamline operations. Not to mention thousands of startups that launch their own tokens and get financial support from interested sponsors via ICO rounds.

But what exactly is happening? How can blockchain, crypto, and ICO reshape our good old world of slow bank transactions and ubiquitous governmental control? We will try to answer these questions by exploring the leading industries affected by blockchain today.

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