IBM'S Blockchain Division 'Escapes' Mass Layoffs

For all the criticism IBM’s Blockchain project has faced over the years, its ability to grow – and maintain – its team may be one area where it excels.

Although IBM laid off 1,700 employees earlier this month, only a “very tiny, tiny percentage” of them came from the blockchain operation, sources close to the team told The Block.

“The product team had no layoffs, there was nothing out of development. It was very limited on the blockchain side,” one source who has direct contact with the Blockchain division said. 

While IBM declined to give specific details about the degree to which the layoffs had impacted its blockchain operation, Jerry Cuomo, VP of IBM Blockchain Technology, told The Block:

“Blockchain skills are the priority…And we’re full-steam ahead of blockchain.” He added: “We plan to grow for a very long time.”

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