Hype Bank Is Making It Easy for Italians to Garner Bitcoin

Hype Bank – a small financial startup in Italy – is making it easy for the country’s residents to get their hands on bitcoin during the coronavirus outbreak.

Hype Bank Brings BTC to Residents of Italy

Italy has been hit hard by the ongoing pandemic, with death and infection rates now comparable to those in China. It is arguably the hardest hit region of Europe. The country is now warning of a hardcore recession, and many may find it hard to garner the funds they’ll need to ensure their survival during this time of strife. Italian leaders are pushing for a bailout worth as much as 700 billion euros to help offset negative financial effects. Hype Bank operates on a strictly mobile basis, which is perfect during this period of social distancing. The company has recently entered a partnership with a bitcoin startup called Conio and is now pledging to provide BTC support for customers. That means anyone banking with Hype can ultimately purchase, sell or trade BTC through the Hype app. Read More...

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