How To Tackle Blockchain’s Major PR Problem

The main problem faced by blockchain today is an image one. At Inspirefest 2019, professionals working in this space sat down to pick apart the key misconceptions about the technology.

One of the biggest challenges facing blockchain is something that actually has very little to do with its tricky technical aspects.

It suffers an image problem more so than anything else. You can hit snags with deployment and scalability, sure, but those pale in comparison to the issues arising from pervasive myths surrounding blockchain and the various ways its public image has suffered due to how it has been applied.

This was the core thesis of the Inspirefest 2019 panel on the topic entitled ‘Blockchain: Beyond the Hype’.  Emma Walker, co-founder of Block W, a company that hopes to drive conversation on the possibilities for women in Ireland in the blockchain space, chaired the discussion.

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