How To Explain Bitcoin To Your Parents

Explaining Bitcoin to anyone takes a long time, and it depends on the level of engineering competence of who you’re talking with. But what’s the best way to explain Bitcoin to your parents?

With the Bitcoin (BTC) price edging towards a new all-time high, it’s inevitable that more people will become interested in it. All Bitcoiners would love their parents to get into Bitcoin, but how do you explain it to a generation that didn’t have computers at school?

There’s no point explaining all of Bitcoin’s technical jargon to an aging boomer. Somebody who thinks email is the latest tech, simply won’t get the necessity of value built into a decentralized, immutable protocol, secured by a proof-of-work SHA-256 algorithm.

Now I’m not saying all our parents aren’t tech savvy. Depending on age, some of them will have had some IT education, but your average boomer has a laptop or smartphone and as long as they can navigate their way around the Internet, that’s all they need.

Same with the Gen X. By the time Gen X left school, the Internet was just becoming something, but most Gen X parents don’t even care how the Internet works. They use it for Wikipedia, Facebook, or the bored ones might even be swiping right on Tinder. Not my dad. Or mum! At least I hope not.

Most of them (or millenials for that matter) don’t care how the Internet protocols work. As long as its use is understood, that’s all most people need. Read More

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