How To Buy Bitcoin With A Walmart MoneyCard

Did you know you could buy Bitcoin with a Walmart MoneyCard? That’s right, if you have America’s favourite pre-paid debit card it’s easy to buy Bitcoin instantly.

A subtle warning before we start: Because you give your personal details to Walmart when you sign up for a card, this isn’t a way to buy Bitcoin anonymously.

If 100% privacy is your aim and you don’t want anybody to know you’re buying BTC, check this article out: How To Buy Bitcoin Anonymously

Buying BTC Is Easy Today

Buying Bitcoin has never been easier. There are so many avenues open for anyone wanting to get hold of Bitcoin, the space is completely unrecognizable from just a few years ago.

Five years ago, it was really awkward to buy BTC. You had to put a lot of trust in some shady cryptocurrency platforms (they weren’t all shady, but not everyone had access to the best ones), and hope they would keep to their end of the trade.

There are still some shady platforms out there, but most people have access to the biggest and best places now, and there are literally thousands of ways to buy BTC. Read More

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