How To Buy Bitcoin With A Walmart Gift Card

Did you know you can buy Bitcoin with a Walmart Gift Card? Sure, you no longer have to waste your gift card on something you don’t really need just for the sake of spending it.

We all get gift cards from time to time, and we all usually buy things we don’t need. So instead of buying another toaster or a pair of socks, why not buy Bitcoin with your Walmart Gift Card instead? It’s easy and a great way to get into Bitcoin.

Let’s get this straight from the off, you can’t walk into the store and buy Bitcoin at Walmart, but you can use Walmart money products to get hold of some at what are known as peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchanges.

These are different from typical Bitcoin exchanges, such as Kraken and BlockFi. Peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchanges are platforms where buyers and sellers come together and agree on a price and currency. Read More

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