How To Buy Bitcoin In USA

The United States is one of the most Bitcoin friendly countries going and buying Bitcoin in the USA offers many options.

As with all countries, there are scam exchanges operating in the USA so knowing who and where to buy Bitcoin from is important for first time buyers.

USA has some of the most stringent licensing regulations, which means there are less exchanges based in the US. An not all exchanges operate in every US state.

New York State is notoriously difficult to get an operating licence. That said, every platform we recommend in this article operates in every US state.

There are sporadic reports of some American banks not allowing its customers to buy Bitcoin from certain exchanges, so it’s always a good idea to check with your bank.

If your bank doesn’t allow you to transfer money, you should simply open another account elsewhere. Why would you want a bank that tells you where you can and can’t send your money?

And not all banks allow credit card purchases. This isn’t really fair, but if a bank is offering you credit, I guess they have the right to stop a purchase of something.

That said, US banks are quickly coming around to the idea of Bitcoin, and have even been given the green light to custody Bitcoin for their clients, although this isn’t advisable.

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