How to Become a Blockchain Developer

Skilled blockchain developers are a scarce commodity, as precious as the bitcoins that reside on the distributed ledgers they maintain. Teach yourself one of the major blockchain programming languages and you’ll be set for life, though like anything worth having, this achievement won’t come easy. If you’re contemplating becoming a blockchain dev, here’s how to get started.

Learn Your Languages and Know Your Code

The crypto community is comprised of a series of tribes, each fiercely loyal to its anointed coin. Become a blockchain developer, however, and you’ll be able to transcend these artificial boundaries, because good code is good code, and if you can create bug-proof smart contracts and weed out vulnerabilities, you’ll never find yourself out of a job. Satoshi wrote Bitcoin in C++ and it remains one of the most popular and versatile blockchain programming languages to this day. Java, Python, Ruby, Rust, Solidity, Go, and C# are all to be found within the cryptosphere, however, anchoring crypto networks at the base layer.

If you’re intent on becoming a blockchain developer, but don’t know a compiler from a smart contract, a good place to start is by attending a hackathon. Cryptocurrency projects regularly hold these events to encourage developers to build upon their ecosystem and to inspire new use cases and applications. Aeternity’s Big Bang Event, scheduled to take place in Prague on September 20-21, for instance, will bring together 500 participants including developers, entrepreneurs, students, and big tech minds to discuss scaling solutions. Events such as these provide an ideal opportunity to meet like-minded souls and to pick up tips on how to enter the industry. Read More at Bitcoin .com

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