How India Could Skyrocket Crypto Prices

Following the ruling by the supreme court in India that upturned the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) ban on cryptocurrency trading, high hope has returned to the cryptocurrency space. Prices of cryptocurrencies are already showing positive signs of the impact of the several million Indians getting back online as crypto exchanges resume trading with commercial banks.

There is growing optimism that the losses recorded in the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum will be reversed, now that Indian exchanges are back online. The RBI had in September 2018 placed a ban on all cryptocurrency exchanges that stopped them from doing business with commercial banks in the country.

This meant that no direct bank deposit of Indian Rupees (INR) on crypto exchanges was allowed. At the time, Bitcoin and Ethereum lost 7% and 11% of their value on the day when Zebpay alone stopped the use of Indian Rupees to trade these digital assets. Read More...

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