Holo (HOT) Predictions: Stunning Roadmap Of Holo Indicates It Will Continue a Bullish Momentum

HoloChain (HOLO) is a post-blockchain technology and is peer to peer cryptocurrency with no scalability issues of any existing blockchain projects. It is a decentralized and an energy efficient cryptocurrency. With Holochain, one can have access of all Internet apps without any need of API as in this crypto; languages are fully compatible. It is equivalent to having an IFTTT layer built underneath the entire internet.

Future price predictions of Holo:

The developers of Holo are currently focusing on advancing its decentralized protocol design. The team members of this crypto shared their first technical documentation. The first functional version of HoloPort hardware will soon be launched with a prototype for specs and motherboard testing. Its second phase of road map consists of crowdfunding. Already, jurisdictions have been established which fully support Holo’s aim to launch their Initial Community Offering. Read More at CryptoNewsZ...

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