Here's How To Buy Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin is straightforward when you know how. If you’re new to the space, and you want to learn how to buy Bitcoin read on.

You can buy Bitcoin on Bitcoin exchanges, peer-to-peer marketplaces, or even Bitcoin ATMs that are pretty much in most big cities around the world now.

There are more and more ways to buy Bitcoin every year, and pretty much any country you can gain access to Bitcoin.

There are many unscrupulous exchanges, however, so it’s important to do some research before you buy Bitcoin.

Buying Bitcoin From Exchanges

Bitcoin exchanges act like other legacy exchanges, but instead of you asking a broker to make a trade for you, you hold the bitcoin in the wallet they provide, and you can trade it at will 24/7/365.

There are thousands of exchanges, operating pretty much in every country. Many of them have varying degrees of liquidity, so I wouldn’t recommend smaller exchanges, as fraudulent behavior is more prevalent in these establishments.

It all depends on your location, but check this website out for some reviews on how to buy Bitcoin from exchanges. Read More at the Capital

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