Grin Developers Agree to Alter Technical Development Roadmap

The privacy-oriented Grin token held a developers’ meeting where they agreed to hold off on making changes to planned proof-of-work updates for the foreseeable future.

In a move intended to give ASIC manufacturers a return on investment on the chips they have already built, a previously scheduled phase out of Cuckatoo32s chips will be delayed until past 2021.

After a public turnaround on the viability and inevitability of single chip ASICs – citing the improvements to heat density, lowered upfront costs, and potentially reduced electrical costs – of the technological usurpation, Grin is no longer supporting the mass-market miners that were compelled by market forces to run GPUs.

The team had originally pledged to keep single chip ASICs “at bay,” but now that Grin-specific ASICs, differentiated by the SHA256 ASICs, have advanced to a position of market dominance and affordability, the team has committed only to eliminate Cuckatoo31s from the roster.

“In short, preventing single chip ASICs no longer seems worthwhile or feasible, but an earlier version of me thought it was, which had led me to the phase-outs,” wrote Grin developer John Tromp.

Three foundries, Samsung, TSMC, and Intel should be able to produce the increasingly efficient Cuckatoo32 ASICs, said Tromp, whose backing hopes will provide the manufacturers with the confidence to continue production.

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