Google Chrome plans to cripple ad blockers, crypto-enabled Brave and Opera unyielding

Proposed changes to Google Chrome, the browser of choice for 63% of devices, would cripple ad blockers and other privacy-enhancing extensions. Meanwhile, Brave and Opera may deviate from Chrome to retain the functionality of these extensions.

Google is embroiled in another controversy around user privacy. In October, Google proposed changes to the Chromium codebase (Manifest v3) that would introduce a new set extension standards that would cripple dozens of popular ad blocking and privacy-enhancing browser extensions.

If implemented as is, the change would have far-reaching ramifications since many of the top browsers use the open-source Chromium engine. Browsers such as Brave, Opera, Vivaldi—and after 2019, Microsoft Edge—would all be impacted by the change.

Extension developers outraged

“Manifest v3 will entail additional platform changes that aim to create stronger security, privacy, and performance guarantees. We want to help all developers fall into the pit of success,” said Google on its blog.

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