Gold Crashes as Shops Close, Bitcoin Still Open

Gold has fallen 13% since Black Monday amid market turmoil across the globe that sees Germany the latest to shut down.

Ahead of it queues are apparently forming at gold shops, but this mini surge in demand probably pales in comparison to the week/s long closure in Italy, and now in France, and imminently in Germany, as well as some US states.

In London, where a spike in cases is expected in a ratcheting up to the peak, life appears generally normal, with very old people out there in the streets, as well as all other age groups.

The British government however is passing laws to give them significant powers, including unlimited powers for the Chancellor to do ‘whatever it takes.’

Thus all expect things to begin changing in London too, with potentially a near total shut down in the second week of April.

That means people might be asked to not go out at all, even for work, which is what they are being asked in Italy currently.

Unless it is necessary for them to go out of course, and arguably buying gold is not quite a necessity when you can buy bitcoin online from home. Read More...

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