Global Crypto Exchange Launches New Trading Platform Changelly PRO

Changelly, an instant crypto exchange that has over 160 cryptocurrencies listed, has just launched Changelly PRO, a platform that will help crypto newcomers bridge the gap between basic investing and active trading. Along with Changelly’s values, PRO aims to bring simplicity, competitive rates and fees as well as high-quality 24/7 service to the active trading community. Changelly CEO Eric Benz calls the platform “a natural progression for Changelly product portfolio”. He goes on to say that, “5 years ago, our target audience included mainly crypto newcomers that chose to swap a few crypto pairs several times a month gaining on volatility of the market. Since then, the audience and the market have significantly matured”.

Market Maturity

According to Changelly’s recent customer research, approximately 50% of its customers use custodial exchanges for short-term trading, compared to 10% in 2015. This is an interesting piece of information illustrating the way the Changelly community has been growing and developing so far. Read More...

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