Gemini Announces Opening of Chicago Offices, Citing Institutional Demand

The Gemini cryptocurrency exchange has just announced that it will open new offices in Chicago, Illinois. The trading venue’s co-founder claims that institutional interest in the crypto asset class is driving the expansion move.

According to a Medium post penned by Gemini co-founder Tyler Winklevoss, the company will be expanding to the financial hub that is Chicago. The move is in line with the Winklevoss twins’ ongoing mission to help “build the future of money.”

The new offices in the financially significant city will provide an engineering hub, as well as support to the firm’s offices in Portland, Oregon and its headquarters in the heart of New York City. In the post, Tyler details why Chicago was chosen. Citing the city’s long financial legacy, intertwined with the history of commodities markets, the exchange co-founder calls the metropolis “a financial powerhouse.” With such a deep tradition of trading in the city, Gemini will have no shortage of talent from which to hire professionals to help craft their vision of the future of money.

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