GBI and Ripple Make Gold Easy to Send, Spend, and Trade with XAU Balances

Gold Bullion International or GBI, the world’s leading precious metals providers, announced the launch of its highly anticipated, digital, gold-based, cryptocurrency on the Ripple platform.

The popular protocol renders the investors with the facility to expend their units of physical gold balance (XAU) online, transfer it electronically to friends and family, or use the gold units as a mode of payment wherever Bitcoin is an accepted form of payment.

By collaborating with the Ripple blockchain, GBI has added a golden feather to the properties of the originally precious and rich metal, Gold. It aims to extract benefits by combining the iconic qualities of gold metal with the vast expanse of the digital currency arena.

The notable co-founder and CEO of GBI, Steven Feldman, quoted that, “Ripple changes the dynamics of value, allowing for a real-time market that can instantly trade between gold, currency, mobile minutes, and more.”

We have been leaders in combining technology and precious metals, and our integration into Ripple allows us to continue our push into digital currencies by enabling investors to now buy digital physical gold, further added the spearhead. Read More at CryptoNewsZ...

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