Gang of Masked Men Raid Bitcoin Embassy in Birmingham

A gang of masked men have raided a Bitcoin (BTC) embassy in Birmingham, U.K., sparking a police investigation.

Local Facebook page Brumz Updates posted footage of the burglars ransacking the building as sirens blared on July 15.

Witnesses look on helplessly as the robbery unfolds — and seconds later, the gang speed away from the scene in a waiting car.

West Midlands Police has launched an investigation, but have confirmed that nothing of value was stolen from the business. 

According to the Daily Mail, the thieves had attempted to steal a Bitcoin ATM using a rope attached to their car.

The owner of the establishment, Adam Gramowski, told the newspaper that he believes the robbers were after cash inside the machine rather than cryptocurrency, adding:

“There are no BTC [Bitcoin] in the machine, they are being sent directly from our server.”

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