Gambling 3.0 Blockchain solution DAO.Casion adds Blackjack to its platform

According to the latest report, DAO Casino has announced the launch of a new Blackjack game. This is DAO Casino’s first game, in which Blackjack will be able to display the blockchain’s technical capacity by showcasing the DAO casino’s algorithms in the game. Moreover, the DAO Casino blockchain features SDK and the developer tools to create decentralized applications and games by using HTML and JS.

DAO Casino blockchain’s version of the Blackjack game will be using the Signdice’s extended algorithm for shuffling of the deck, thereby facilitating the deck check and card positioning within decks.

At the beginning of the game, users will send the signals to the bankroller entropic. Once the signals are received, these actions are signed by the bankroller using his key, otherwise known as a player. The signature generated via this whole process creates that final entropy required to complete the shuffling process.

When the deck has been shuffled through the entropy, a hash tree or Merkle tree is generated by the bankroller from the deck previously shuffled. The tree root is then sent to the player, which indicates that whenever the player or the dealer gets to deal with a card, the bankroller is supposed to send a Merkle tree as a proof which tends to prove the card’s positioning during the deal, hence, preventing any cheating and fraud. Read More at Cryptopolitan...

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