Former Hedge Fund Manager Raoul Pal: Bitcoin Is Priceless

Former Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund manager Raoul Pal has claimed that Bitcoin is a ‘priceless reserve and collateral asset’.

Well-known Bitcoin bull, Pal, who regularly tweets his bullish sentiments about the leading cryptocurrency explained his ‘priceless’ view of Bitcoin to his thousands of subscribers in his Global Macro Investor newsletter.

Bitcoin Is Priceless

In the latest edition of the GMI newsletter – a 143 page document, Pal says, Bitcoin is priceless because ‘its core value is that it the hardest form of money ever invented.’

No other asset can claim to have a definite finite amount, and one that is built into the most secure network ever created.

Not only that, but the fact that ‘Bitcoin is easily divisible, portable, transferable and exchangeable makes Bitcoin more useful than gold and a better store of wealth than any other type of money.’

Pal even tells his subscribers that Bitcoin beats gold in every single way, except that it doesn’t have 10,000 years of history like gold. Read More at Bitcoin Maximalist

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