Fiat Collapse and Bitcoin Shortage can Trigger Next World War, Says PlanB

There can be many possible scenarios resulting in the next World War, but Bitcoin shortage couldn’t one of them. However, famed BTC analyst and stock-to-flow model creator, PlanB has said that the entire world could soon plunge into war due to severe economic trauma. A global war may very well start as the fiat currencies collapse globally due to hyperinflation, and Bitcoin price touches $300,000 in the next few years. PlanB has already used his stock-to-flow model to predict that Bitcoin’s price could touch $288,000 and that the market cap of BTC can reach trillions of dollars. He now says that approaching Bitcoin halving can have ‘nasty’ repercussions, even the next World War.

Severe economic crisis can trigger the next World War

PlanB made his comments while speaking in a podcast with Stephan Livera. In the podcast, he warns that the highly bullish Bitcoin scenario in a volatile geopolitical world could lead to ‘nasty’ consequences. Even though the crypto community would love to see an exponential rise in BTC price, its acute supply and simultaneous collapse of fiat currencies can cause global wars. Read More...

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