FBI Arrests Russian Rapper For Crypto Money Laundering, Cites Damning Instagram

United States authorities have arrested a Russian national under allegations of money laundering — using his Instagram that promoted his rap career as evidence against him. Per court filings unsealed on March 30, an FBI investigator alleged that Maksim Boiko laundered money using cryptocurrencies, including via disgraced exchange BTC-e. The authorities also say that Boiko conspired with transnational organized crime organization QQAAZZ.

Initial detainment in Miami airport in January

Seemingly a resident of Los Angeles, Boiko entered the U.S. on January 19 carrying $20,000 in cash. According to the FBI affidavit, Boiko told airport security that his money came from investments in Bitcoin and rental properties in Russia. Skeptical of this explanation, authorities would go on to arrest Boiko in Miami on March 27. Read More...

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