Fate or Falter: Can Bitcoin rise to become the global currency of the world?

Time and tide wait for none.

Change is inevitable, and the digital assets market know that better than anyone else. From volatility to price movements, to proponents switching camps and even to a change in principles, the first decade of Bitcoin has been tumultuous, to say the least.

But, has the goal changed?

Curated as a currency for the world, Bitcoin was seen as universal, ubiquitous, authority-resistant and censorship free. While it was built to resist ‘government tyranny,’ in the maiden decade this ‘goalpost’ has shifted more often than one can count, while the ‘investment’ aspect of the digital asset has seeped to the fore.

Granted there have been rapid developments over the past few years on the adoption front and recognition among lawmakers, regulators, mainstream media and the general public is off the charts, actual use cases are not as much as its adherents like to believe. Additionally, the number of countries that have not taken to cryptocurrencies due to its nature of being the currency for the dark trenches of the web, has affected its use as well.

Bitcoin, as a medium of exchange, is faltering. Fate on the other hand, may have other ideas.

With active BTC addresses on high, hash rate increasing, and dominance correlating with the price rally, proponents are looking towards healthy fundamentals as a breath of ‘real’ life for Bitcoin. But, can Bitcoin sustain this rise to become the global currency of the future? Read More at AMBCrypto...


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