Fatcom Blockchain Data Storage Service Now Live

Factom PRO is the Fatcom blockchain data storage gateway that enables people to store data on cryptocurrency blockchains.

Factom PRO was launched by one of the Authority Node Operators (ANO), and there are twenty-six (26) ANOs that are controlled by Factom Protocol. Factom PRO allows its users to store data at inexpensive rates of $0.01 for a single write.

The founder of Factom PRO, Anton Ilzheev, claims that the portal is a new cloud-based blockchain gateway that allows its users to store their data safely. With Factom PRO, businesses do not have to worry about dealing with complex and inconvenient ways concerning the cryptocurrencies.

Fatcom blockchain data storage leverages DLT

Ilzheev added that their company aims to offer businesses, a secure and convenient way to save their data. This is achieved by providing these businesses with the utilities of the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), which digitally records the transactions of assets.



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