FantasyGold network: The Robin Hood of launch platforms?

At the time of writing there are literally thousands of crypto coins out there and countless more projects that are looking to get launched in one way or the other. It’s no surprise there that also the number of crypto-exchanges is growing rapidly.

In the last few months my eyes fell across a few projects that are getting themselves in the news more and more by playing in to this young new market. Starting supporting multi-coin wallets, mining/staking pools and even exchanges. The next idea falls right into that list, or rather tops it off:

Fantasygold has been existing for about 3 years now, but has recently been overhauled by a new team of crypto enthousiasts. It already had its own blockchain based on quantum technology, now it seems they are making this blockchain available to anyone who wants to start his own project and needs a running token for that.

This is no new idea of course, since we find this feature in other crypto projects as well. Fantasy Gold however is also launching its own corresponding exchange along with it. Now, starting your own token is virtually free of charge. Rumors have it though that FGC-exchange will be free of charge too. Which would give any crypto start-up an opportunity to launch itself without having to pay tens of thousands of dollars for an IEO on regular exchanges.

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