Facebook's Libra to Be Forked to “OpenLibra”

There we have it folks, Libra, the Facebook-backed crypto asset, is purportedly being forked.

Announced at Devcon 5 in Japan just minutes ago, prominent blockchain developers will be forking the blockchain to create something known as “OpenLibra”. The initiative, unveiled by Wireline co-founder Lucas Geiger, is slated to be a permissionless version of Facebook’s blockchain.

According to Christine Kim, a Coindesk reporter covering the event, there will be no token sale, equity, or company behind this project; it will all be open-sourced. The weird thing is, this will be a cryptocurrency that will be pegged to LIbra. Kim reports that Geiger Lucas said the following about OpenLibra’s virtual machine model:

“We’re taking the Move virtual machine … and placing it on top of Tendermint. You’ll be able to run state machine with the Move language and get your state replicated with permission-less consensus.” Read More...

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