Facebook’s Libra Pushes Back at Claims Project Is Threat to Financial Stability

The head of the Facebook-led Libra Association has responded to claims that the cryptocurrency project threatens nations’ financial stability.

In interview with French daily Les Echos on Thursday, Bertrand Perez, the association’s general director, played down concerns over potential disruption to the monetary policies of central banks with currencies included in the Libra reserve – a basket of fiat currencies and government bonds that will back up the Libra digital currency.

Such claims “do not seem to us to be justified,” he said. “It is their monetary policies that will influence the Libra through the basket and not the other way around.”

Perez justified the comments by offering details on the reserve, which he said will comprise of the U.S. dollar, the euro, yen, pounds sterling and the Singapore dollar (but not the Chinese yuan).

The reserve, he said, will be invested in the basket currencies and in “very short-term” government debt (of less than a year) of the countries of those currencies. At maximum, the reserve would amount to “probably no more than $200 billion,” Prerez said, though he provided a range from a “few tens of billions” and up.

While the reserve might seem huge, he argued that it’s actually a “low” amount in the global financial markets. “We are not going to become a new BlackRock,” Perez added in reference to the U.S. investment management giant that has around $6.84 trillion in assets under management. Source...

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