Facebook Still Planning to Launch Libra Next Year

The release date for Facebook’s stablecoin, Libra, has always been a tentative next year. However, there was always a chance that the asset may never launch at all. Libra head David Marcus said in an interview with NZZ, though, that the company is still bent on launching next year.

Of course, there’s still a lot of work to do until then. As of now, Marcus and his project have faced loads of criticism stretching from privacy concerns to regulatory requests. The head insists that Libra will have all of these concerns addressed by the time of release, however. This is key, otherwise, countries like France won’t allow it within their borders.

Libra, while backed fiat payment methods and supported by the Libra Association, a consortium of companies like MasterCard and PayPal, isn’t intended for use as a daily currency. Rather, the currency is meant for cross-border transactions and, we can guess, transactions made on Facebook’s applications like WhatsApp or Messenger.

“It’s unlikely in any case the people will pay for an espresso in Switzerland, Germany or France with Libra in the future,” confirms Marcus. Read More...


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