eToro Launches Crypto Portfolio Weighted by Twitter Mentions

That notorious abyss of Crypto Twitter – where the XRP Army patrols, altcoins flourish and falter, and @Vitalik99832182 promising you infinity ETH – got a new plaything today: an eToro crypto portfolio calibrated to the tenor of its tweets.

The new financial instrument is called TheTIE-LongOnly CopyPortfolio, and, as of Tuesday morning, it was live on eToro’s trading platform with a minimum $2,000 buy-in. It’s a partnership between eToro exchange and The TIE data analysis firm, who sources their tweets – about 850,000,000 daily – from Social Markets Analytics.

With an AI system trawling through that massive trove and multiple benchmarks to compare it against, the network calibrates an optimal crypto portfolio based on the sentiments of those tweets, Joshua Frank, CEO of The TIE told CoinDesk.

At launch, the portfolio included five different crypto assets: 47.24% stake in DASH; 23.92% EOS; 21.86% XRP; 5.01% MIOTA; and 1.97% ETC. It rebalances every month.

Frank’s theory: there’s no better intel source for crypto market movements than Twitter – “kind of the epicenter of the crypto universe.” Read More...


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