eToro CEO: Tokenization Is the Bridge to the Future of Finance

The Main Speaker’s Hall at Finance Magnates' Barcelona Trading Conference was packed as Yoni Assia, CEO of eToro began his speech on the company’s visions and plans for the future.

The speech opened with some figures on eToro’s growth–the platform has onboarded 1 million new users so far this year, resulting in 11 million total users on the exchange.

And the company is continuing to expand its geographical reach. “We’re regulated across Asia, Europe, the UK, and recently launched in the US,” he said.

Further, “in the past three years, we’ve seen over 500% growth in the company,” he said, a lot of it coming from the cryptocurrency industry. This is why the company has made the decision to further its reach into the crypto realm.

Assia explained that in the several years following the company’s establishment in 2007, it had a small identity crisis–was eToro “It took 3-4 years for us to realize we’re a fintech company.” Read More at FinanceMagnates...

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